Prgin Winery Branding: The Story Of Sturdy, Rich Grapes From The Stone

The house of the Prgin family is known as the „Rooster’s Court“. The Babić grapes they produce grow without any support, exposed to constant sun and wind, and form gnarled vines, creating a recognizable Babić vineyard landscape on harsh rocky land above the most beautiful Mediterranean sea bays. The winery branding uses the rooster illustration to tell the brand story and create bespoke graphics for label design and winery brand collaterals & communication. To follow the story of exceptional Prgin Wines from the heart of stone to tasting tables, visit their Instagram page.

Creative team

Prgin Winery Brand Identity
Mirna Ptiček (brand visual identity, creative/art direction & design)
Mladen Ptiček (creative positioning & navigation)

Prgin Wine labels
Mirna Ptiček (art direction, design)
Miran Tomičić, Octopus Ink (art direction, design)

Prgin Wines