Building a Brand

Building a brand together: the best team is a dedicated team

Nobody can build your brand without you. In the creative process, clients, strategists, designers and communication experts are partners in finding the right approach and taking each step toward the brand definition. Together, it is possible to understand and link all the levels involved in an integral, functional brand system.

Pay attention to the way a team works; it is good to know that you will talk to one creative team leader during the whole process — in branding, consistency is the key.

— If you are starting a branding project, the first thing to ask yourself is how you want to do it. Each creative leader has a style and methodology which reflects to the team — and changing the approach in the middle of the project is never a good idea. Among many top professionals, choose the one you get along with easily; branding is a long journey!

Clear & direct communication: brand positioning in perspective

With many relevant questions and without the ludicrous agency meta-language, we can easily identify the problems and have a good process of finding the right way to solve them, even if it means going a few steps back and redefining brand positioning, products and style.

A brand is a vehicle for a business: take care of it and it will drive you a long way

Your brand is led by your vision and fueled by each little success along the way. It supports real people in the real world and knowing that we take our branding responsibilities seriously.

Seeing through the eyes of a user: user centred experience makes achieving easier

The ability to see our message or visual communication from the user angle can help to finetune our content & messages, as well as select the audiences who value our product. This is why we have to talk and get to know what you already know about your customers. Also, it could happen that there are some people who would love your brand and you might have never thought about them.

Compact strategic guidelines leading to great branding and communication

Relying on insights based on research, we set up compact strategic guidelines resulting in an original branding and communication proposal custom-tailored for the exact context, creating a planned user experience.
We plan and take steps together, choosing the right communication channels from the complete 360° range, rather than covering a bit of everything.

Why compact?
Because by choosing a brief and focused format, we can provide you with valuable insights, keeping the timeline and the budget under control. Many businesses don’t do all the important steps in a branding project because extensive, timely and costly researches and analysis exceed the limits of their expectations from a branding project. Each month counts and we know it, adapting to the need for a more agile approach to strategic planning in branding.

Visual identity standards, or complete Brand style guidelines?

Ordering a visual identity from a designer is a good way to iron up your business appearance. But this investment leaves you with the basic raw material to build your recognizable market image. It often follows a “design only” approach and leaves out key brand questions, getting just the design job done. A brand is a lot more than visual identity and to build a consistent appearance that will give back to your business, you need a brand style guide defining all the key areas of your business’s appearance and behaviour. While the design is a powerful tool to do whatever you decide is needed, branding is a process of deciding what you need and why. We can work on the Brand style guide in stages, beginning with the basic strategy guidelines and brand visual & verbal identity, and develop additional segments later; but it is important to look at the whole picture from the start and fill the gaps according to a plan.