Portfolio — Hospitality & Luxury Branding

Hotel Milan, Pula
Visual identity

Letters from the past

At the time when Milan started the restaurant, he launched a project into the future for generations that will follow in a completely different world. The Milan Hotel and Restaurant have become a message themselves, lasting through decades to tell their story — and the visual identity becomes a letter or a postcard, travelling from the past to our time.

Mirna Ptiček: Branding — Art direction and design for Octopus Ink Studio

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj
Brand identity

Stories from Rovinj — Identity made in a travel journal

A low key haptic identity with only colour-printed material made from guest sketches and notes of the place. Instead of another screen, a notebook and a polaroid camera await in every room.

While the experiential focus is on creating personal notes of the place, the stories printed throughout the identity layouts guide us through less known micro-narratives of the place and lead out of the hotel, to explore further.

Mindfully guided out of the hotel and exposed to less known local narratives, guests co-create the identity by keeping their memories in a travel journal.
The small notebook becomes a central point of interaction through time and space. In it, the identity of the place becomes personal and is continuously remade.

In its first cycle, visual identity shares impressions of the first four artists who had explored the place. Their visual memories appear through collaterals, as wall art in the room and in the travel journal, inviting us to join in, make our notes and co-create someone’s future experience of Grand Park Hotel Rovinj and the city itself.

The notebook fits into a pocket, and this hotel sends you out to explore Rovinj, get lost and remember yourself there — because that is the ultimate luxury today. The theme of a journal evolves into an analogue chat written by guests in the Cap Aureo signature restaurant.

Mirna Ptiček: Branding, Art direction and design — leading the design team for Bruketa & Žinić & Grey Agency

Pical Convention
Brand identity

Congress area of exchange and activity

The square as a place of gathering, exchange of news and ideas, is symbolically shown as a frame. The frame in the identity is a reference to the central Poreč Marafor Square, the physical space and at the same time to the modern space of exchange and gathering created by the congress centre. The space within the indicated frame is made available to the content and it curates thematically different visuals that become the main theme of the identity.

Mirna Ptiček: Branding — Art direction and design for Octopus Ink Studio

Miljana Castle
Visual identity

The Layers

The visual identity establishes a contemporary visual language, building a new image of the castle by interpreting its historical layers. A library of originally developed visuals shows the range and diversity highlight the rich and vital heritage of Miljana. The recently introduced serif typeface Bara by Nikola Đurek, an international author who originated from the Miljana area, represents an interpretation of a 16th-century type – the time from which the first record of the castle dates as well.

Mirna Ptiček: Branding — Art direction, design, illustration for Bruketa & Žinić Agency

Untouched by Light
Brand identity

Best things happen in the dark

A sparkling wine that had won a blind test, made from grapes picked by night with night vision goggles, from a cellar in the caves under Radgona, Untouched by Light, uses a rectangle of deep black foil to protect itself from the light. The shape of the bottle is barely visible and, if properly handled, remains that way even when you open it — because the best things happen in the dark.

Mirna Ptiček: Branding — Art direction and design for Bruketa & Žinić & Grey Agency

Prgin Winery
Brand Identity

Babić from the Rooster’s Court, Primošten

Each house in Primošten area usually has a family nickname. The house of Prgin family is known as the „Rooster’s Court“. The Babić grapes which grow without any support, exposed to constant sun and wind, form gnarled tree-like vines which create a recognizable Babić vineyards landscape on harsh rocky land above the most beautiful Mediterranean sea bays.

Mirna Ptiček: Branding — Art direction, design, illustration (Label co-author: Miran Tomičić)

Briig Hotel, Split
Brand Identity

Briig — Boutique hotel on the hill above Bačvice

Briig is a contemporary boutique hotel in Split, Croatia, located in the city centre, overlooking the famous Bačvice Beach. The geometrical shape of the hotel’s visual identity corresponds to the name given to this hotel, briig. The name stems from the hotel’s location, just above the sea level, and is derived from the nearby toponym Katalinića brig (Katalinić Hill) as well as the edgy shapes of the building (brid = edge in Croatian). The focal point of the visual identity is an animation because the first encounter between a tourist and the hotel takes place online, on the screen. Offline, the logo’s shape and its type form two overlapped identity layers, both equally representative of the hotel’s name and thus applicable alternatively.

Mirna Ptiček: Brand identity Art direction for Bruketa & Žinić Agency

Portfolio — Hospitality & Luxury Branding

Nikola Concrete Book
Investors’ Brochure

The Cornerstone

The new waterfront & urban settlement
Each Investor’s brochure is packed into its „cornerstone“ and symbolically represents the participation in building the settlement.

Water-sensitive cover
The printed graphics on the concrete lid stays hidden until it becomes wet. This way, the book embodies the fact that the water shapes a new bay, providing a waterfront for the urban centre and bringing life into a previously dead, salted area of land.

Mirna Ptiček: Art direction and design for Bruketa & Žinić & Grey Agency